What is a Direct Cremation? This is a cremation that has no funeral service and is unattended. The time and date are of the Crematorium’s and Funeral Director’s availability.

A simple, plain coffin is provided for the cremation and the Cremated Remains may be collected by yourself from the Crematorium or can be scattered in their Garden of Remembrance.

Key Points

You do not spend time with the deceased.

You do not have a choice of the Crematorium, date or time.

There is no service.

No details are placed on the notice board at the Crematorium regarding the cremation.

Mourners are not able to attend.

Why people choose a Direct Cremation

It offers a dignified, simple alternative to a tradition funeral, without a service.

It offers you the choice and freedom to organise a Celebration of Life or a Memorial Service at a place and time of your choosing. You can have time to plan a gathering, where friends and family are able to join in remembering the life of the Deceased.


This includes:

Doctors’ fees for Cremation Forms 4 and 5, this applies in all cases unless the Coroner is involved.

Transfer of the Deceased during normal office hours, within 20 running miles.